Matthew Arrives in Hawaii

After being properly Lei’d at the airport Trinity asks Matthew if her waterbottle (she asked him to bring) is in his backpack. As she reaches for his pack to look for it he grabs it away and says loudly “its not in there!”. Trin thinks that odd and immediately wonderes what is in there?

We Head to Big Island

After Oahu, we fly to Big Isle and spend the first day there hiking around the volcano and through the lava tubes at the National Park. The next day we snorkel in the morning, go to a Hawaiian Heritage Park, and then drive up from the south to meet up with our good friend Richard in Waimea.

Will You Listen To My Song??

When Trinity gets back from her swim the boys are relaxing in the sun. Richard asks if we will listen to a song he has been practicing on the Ukulele for an upcoming show. We walk up to the trees away from the water to find a quiet spot to sit. He starts playing a song Trinity knows and loves... ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz.


Although she thought it might happen on the trip, in that moment Trin was completley surprised! The world slowed down and it was everything she ever dreamed it could be. She said yes... then droped to her knees in the sand for a kiss. Richard come back over a few minutes later to take some great pics.

Last Day at Waipio Valley

The next day we met up with the newlywed’s on their Honeymoon and spent the afternoon in Waipio Valley. In a rented Jeep we made our way to the very back of the valley to swim in the amazing fresh Hawaiian waters. Then it was off to the beach for one last dip in the beautiful ocean. It was the perfect end to a wonderful vacation. Aloha!

We Spend a Week On Oahu

The first week of our trip we spend with the Brady / Glass family at an amazing beach house in Laie, Oahu. After a week of fun and the beautiful wedding of Mikaela and Dwayne we break away to do some exploring. Trinity shows Matthew to her favorite spots on Oahu.

We Go To The Beach...

The second to last day of the trip we head to the beach for a day in the sun. Within a few minutes Trin is ready to put on her snorkel gear and she is surprised to hear that Matthew doesn't want to join. She goes ahead without him and spends the next hour swimming with the fishies near by.

Marry Me?

Half way through the song Matthew gets up from the branch where we were sitting and walks over to the uke case. When he pulles out a little black box Trinity figures he is grabbing something to drum on (like he always does). Richard continues to sing... “I wont hesitate no more, no more, it cannot wait, I’m Yours”... he bends down on one knee... looking into her eyes with a ring in his hands he says “Marry Me?”

Newly Engaged :)

The next hour or so we spent swiming in the pristine blue waters and taking in the magic of the moment. After the beach it was off to a Kava bar to celebrate, then out to dinner for some great seafood and wine. Trinity called her parents and brothers to share and they were all thrilled to hear the news.

The Ring

An antique platinum base with central diamond and two light blue sapphires to accent.